Dar Gets A Cup For His Brass Balls

August 21, 2008

Dar Holdsworth won a cup for third place for his Military-inspred Brass Balls Bobber motorbike.

Dar was gracious and humbled to to recieve an award at the World Championships.

The World Championship of Custom Bike Building began over a year ago with a series of 12 Affiliate shows, covering four continents and an estimated over 2,000 competitors. This year’s show was held at Champions Hall in the heart of Sturgis, South Dakota.

The military Digger represents the arm services of America. It’s painted army green with splashes of vivid colors. It embodies an old skool look with state-of-the-art features. Read the rest of this entry »


The Sexy Electric Bike

August 17, 2008

Two clever Canadian teen-scientists have built a bizarre, eco-friendly electric bike which runs on principals similar to those of the Segway — but looks way cooler.
The motorcycle is propelled by leaning forward; the further you do so, the faster you go. Similarly, the driver simply leans back to slow down and leans left or right to steer those directions.

The only control is an on/off switch. Top speed is around 60 kph, although it’s only optimized for about 25 kph. Enough to get around town, at least.

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Fox leads the “Every Woman Counts” Ride

August 17, 2008

Hall of fame – motorcycle icon Malcolm Smith from the legendary film On Any Sunday joined his courageous friend, Brenda Fox to lead the “Every Woman Counts” Bike for Breast Cancer Awareness Ride in Sturgis.

This year’s ride and charity auction proceeds will assist Brenda Fox in getting through this difficult time, allowing the industry to give back to the woman who has helped so many motorcycle builders and parts manufacturers.

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Part I – Building A Custom Bobber

August 14, 2008

It Starts With A Frame

You can WIN this Brass Balls Bobbers / IronWorks Magazine giveaway by clicking here for details.

You can’t officially begin a bike project until you’ve got a place to hang all the bits and pieces. That, of course, means you must start with a frame, and that’s where Part 1 of our giveaway project bike begins. Like all of Brass Balls Bobbers’ frames, this essential foundation for our bike is made of hand-bent tubing that’s hand-fit and hand-welded by a team boasting years of experience at this sort of thing.

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August 12, 2008

Dan Gurney, the legendary Formula One racer and car-builder

This is the first photo showing the S & S powered Gator with a 111 cubic inch EVO/twin cam style engine. 3 prototypes of this configuration are presently under construction, 2 of which will have S & S 124 cubic inch engines.

Three different bodywork versions are being designed right now. The bikes have rubber mounted engines with 6 speed gearboxes and belt drive. Weight: 226 kg, 60″ wheelbase and 5 US gallon fuel capacity and S & S fuel injection.

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1929 Scott Super Squirrel

August 12, 2008

Restored by Von Dutch for Steve McQueen

A Scott Super Squirrel, the ahead-of-its-time liquid-cooled vertical twin two-stroke produced in the 1920s and early ’30s, is a pretty impressive piece all by itself.

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MotoStars: Celebrities + Motorcycles

August 12, 2008

Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum – Priceless machines, exclusive memorabilia and tales from celebrities’ favorite two-wheel adventures. Museum visitors will find these private glimpses into the community of motorcycling especially compelling.
On display through February 2009

Throughout history, motorcycles have played a starring role in the public and private lives of a significant number of celebrities and personalities. Whether they are adventure tourers, collectors, builders or ambassadors of the sport, each MotoStar has a unique story to tell about what fueled their interest and love for riding.

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