Dar Gets A Cup For His Brass Balls

Dar Holdsworth won a cup for third place for his Military-inspred Brass Balls Bobber motorbike.

Dar was gracious and humbled to to recieve an award at the World Championships.

The World Championship of Custom Bike Building began over a year ago with a series of 12 Affiliate shows, covering four continents and an estimated over 2,000 competitors. This year’s show was held at Champions Hall in the heart of Sturgis, South Dakota.

The military Digger represents the arm services of America. It’s painted army green with splashes of vivid colors. It embodies an old skool look with state-of-the-art features.

This bike is a 2008 Military “Digger” Goose Neck frame that is 40 degree, 0 up and 1 out. It’s powder coated CLEAR to show off the welds and the fabrication work by Master Builder, Sam Wills. It features a Crazy Horse 100 inch V Plus motor, 2 inch Tauer Warlord primary, Crime Scene Rapide air cleaner and headlight. Paint was designed and provided by Jeral Tidwell. The foot controls were constructed from 1918 Trench Warefare knives, Sam created a custom P-51-style exhaust, Leroy Thompson provided signature series grips and Hawg Halters supplied black hand controls.

When the event was all over, there were a total of nine builders from the United States finishing in the top 20, and builders from nine different countries representing the top 20 finishers.

Build Your Own Digger
Got an itch to build your own Brass Balls Bobbers’ Digger? Well you can! Create your own custom motorbike by clicking here. Select your options and customize your sled and make it as unique as you are.


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