The Sexy Electric Bike

Two clever Canadian teen-scientists have built a bizarre, eco-friendly electric bike which runs on principals similar to those of the Segway — but looks way cooler.
The motorcycle is propelled by leaning forward; the further you do so, the faster you go. Similarly, the driver simply leans back to slow down and leans left or right to steer those directions.

The only control is an on/off switch. Top speed is around 60 kph, although it’s only optimized for about 25 kph. Enough to get around town, at least.

This futuristic electric UniCycle is in its third incarnation which recently made its debut at the 2008 National Motorcycle Show in Toronto. It now sports custom made wheels, a new body and engine upgrades.

Just before his plane dipped into the clouds above Beijing International Airport two years ago, Ben Gulak caught the last clear view of the sun that he would see for two weeks.

On the ground, the 17-year-old, who was on a family trip to China, quickly spotted a source for much of the thick haze hanging over the city: smog-spewing motorbikes. Thousands of them, everywhere.

“Right then,” he says, “I decided that I wanted to create an alternative mode of transportation, something clean and compact.”


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