Dan Gurney, the legendary Formula One racer and car-builder

This is the first photo showing the S & S powered Gator with a 111 cubic inch EVO/twin cam style engine. 3 prototypes of this configuration are presently under construction, 2 of which will have S & S 124 cubic inch engines.

Three different bodywork versions are being designed right now. The bikes have rubber mounted engines with 6 speed gearboxes and belt drive. Weight: 226 kg, 60″ wheelbase and 5 US gallon fuel capacity and S & S fuel injection.

The 36 Limited Edition “Grand Prix” Gurney – Alligators, introduced two and a half years ago, have been sold out. A few units which were kept in reserve are presently being completed for in-house use. Alligators have been bought by collectors, museums and motorcycle riders throughout the United States. This special series of production Alligators with modified fuel injected Honda 4 stroke single engines will never be repeated, making the handcrafted carbon fiber 36 Limited Edition models in their blue and white livery true collectors’ items.

Eddie Lawson
4-time Grand Prix Motorcycle World Champion and ALLIGATOR Test Rider

“The thing our Grand Prix bikes had the most trouble with, this bike does well.”

The Gurney–Gator with its awesome acceleration and unique low center of gravity, looks and feels like nothing else on the road. It produces a high degree of riding confidence and security with a fabulous fun factor, combining nostalgia with 21 century technology. The Gator concept has been called “revolutionary” and “unorthodox”. MOTORCYCLIST Magazine called it “outrageous, unexpected and completely original. Absolutely, unmistakably Gurney. If the modern sport bike were introduced today, after a century of riding Alligators, it might not go over well at all.”

While the 36 models were being built by AAR craftsmen like Phil Remington, Butch Wilson, the late Jimmy Thrall, Bob Marker, Howard Monise and others; Dan Gurney has been working on a new prototype using the Alligator concept with a S & S V-twin engine. The first prototype of this new model will soon be fired up for the first time. Manufacturing opportunities are being explored and evaluated at present.

Perry King
Hollywood Actor and Expert Rider

“Riding a GATOR is the most fun I’ve ever had on a motorcycle and I have been riding for 38 years. I think the design is as big a breakthrough as when they put the motor in the back of a race car at Indy, and didn’t Dan have something to do with that too? ONE ride, and I plunked my money down to buy one as soon as possible.”

Dan Gurney Alligator Motorcycles, Inc.

Corporate Offices:
2334 S. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92707-0186
Tel. (714)540-1771 Fax: (714)540-3749


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